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About Batchelor

About Batchelor

This web application is powered by Batchelor, a batch job queue manager written in PHP.

Using a batch queue manager allows jobs with long run times to be submitted to the web server and scheduled for later execution by its batch queue. Users (submitters) can monitor the state of their submitted jobs (pending, running or finished) and later download the result from the queue view.

Features of Batchelor:


Batchelor is released under the GNU Public License (GPL) and free for anyone to modify or redistribute. See the file COPYING bundled together with Batchelor for details. Batchelor is originally developed Anders Lövgren.


The following people have contributed to Batchelor:

Anders Lövgren Author of original version
Anders Lövgren Programmer/System Engineer, Maintainer


Batchelor is Copyright © 2007-2011 by Anders Lövgren and the Computing Department at Uppsala Biomedical Centre, Uppsala University (with equally shared rights).


The following other projects have been used in Batchelor:

Nuvola SVG icon theme:

JpGraph - Fully OO graph drawing library for PHP:

JSMX (JavaScript MX) - Universal Ajax API:


The latest version of Batchelor can be downloaded from

Bug reports

If you think you have found a bug in the batch queue manager (Batchelor), please send a bug report to Anders Lövgren <>. Include any error message, all relevant lines from the Apache error log and the output from check.php (runned from the command line is OK).