ChemGPS-NP Web
- A tool tuned for navigation in biologically relevant chemical space

System Statistics


Predicted Molecules:

The number of processed molecules for the system uptime was 9555086 totally.
9204269 where accepted (predicted) and 350817 where rejected (malformed)

Submitted Jobs:

The total number of submitted jobs are 10762 for the system uptime

Process Time:

On average each job took 91404.4 seconds to complete (from submitted until it finished execute).
Each job took between 0 and 159052203 seconds to complete (min/max).

Time waiting:88233.0 seconds (average)
Time running:3171.4 seconds (average)

Job State:

Totally 10642 jobs was finished (3236 of them with warnings). 3 ended with errors and 117 has crashed.

The system statistics is collected from all users of this system.

The personal statistics is individual for each each user and/or host.

The statistics is public and accessable/browsable by anyone.

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Gottfries J, Muresan S, Backlund A. J Nat Prod. 2007;70(5):789-794, and
Rosén J, Lövgren A, Kogej T, Muresan S, Gottfries J, Backlund A. J Comput
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