This system is built on top of Batchelor, a framework for building web applications executing long time running batch jobs.


Batchelor provides job queue management, web services (SOAP/JSON) and responsive web design for your application. Its job queue supports running jobs in parallell, with work queues optional distributed over multiple remote servers. It comes with command line tools for interacting with the scheduler and processes (batch jobs) are executed in multi-threaded process space separate from the web server.


Since version 2 it supports building distributed system with multiple remote queues. Using composer it can easily be integrated in your project and its API can be used as building bricks in your project.


Calculation are performed using software kindly contributed by Umetrics and Alvascience. The 'About ChemGPS-NP' page contains more information. Internally used applications can be downloaded from BMC-IT.

Flowchart description for ChemGPS-NP Web


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